It was a typical Thursday evening following a long day of helping women shed inches at The Shape Shop. I decided to visit my mom since one of my shops is located just five minutes from her residence. My family and I have three family dogs. Two Pitbulls who were born within the same litter, a brown one named Chief and a grey one named Blue, along with a black Lab/Pit mix named Bowie who we later adopted from a local shelter. When I walked through the front door, Chief, Blue, and Bowie leaped into the air out of sheer excitement. I didn’t find it too strange since they’re usually ecstatic to see me, though I did find their reaction to my entry slightly abnormal since I had just seen them not too long ago. 

As the night went on I continued to visit with my mom and our dogs continued to smother me with affection. They wouldn’t leave my side. When I walked into the kitchen, they followed me. When I used the lady’s room they hovered near the closed door. At one point, my mom asked, “Geez, Jessica, why are these dogs acting so weird around you?!” I had begun to wonder the same thing. 

I called my husband to say hi and to share the peculiar behavior of our family pups. That’s when he encouraged me to pick up a pregnancy test. I thought he was being silly but decided to do so anyway. My mom and I hopped into my little Fiat and drove to a nearby pharmacy. 

When we returned from the pharmacy I read the directions to a digital pregnancy test and Facetimed my husband, Aaron, just in case we would soon receive surprising news. My phone hovered over the testing screen which blinked with a tiny hourglass as we waited anxiously to learn the results.

PREGNANT. The screen said pregnant! Seeing this brought tears to Aaron’s eyes as I placed one hand over my face in pure shock. I couldn’t believe it! It had to have been so early on. How did our dogs know I was pregnant before I did?!

Though all three of our dogs are lovingly loyal, I will say that Chief is the one who continues to stand guard each time I’ve come over to visit with my mom since that night. He never stops short of watching my every move to ensure I have a safe and healthy pregnancy. 

To all of the pup owners out there- never underestimate the intuition and senses of your beloved dogs. It’s been proven that when a dog owner is sick, pregnant, or sad, your dog’s senses are so strong that they can smell and detect these changes in you before you even know it. 

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