As of today, the Daily Grudge becomes Pets in the Family. The new name more closely reflects our core mission. Coming soon, new features, new fun!

A “Meowzer” from Mitzi, the Nashville Cat

Featuring the Pets of Country Music

Bad news! My hoomans have been on a cleaning rampage, which normally means one of their highly disagreeable friends or relatives is coming to stay!
Mom is so out of control that she threw out my current favorite lurking box!
If it weren’t for Priscilla Block’s great track “JUST ABOUT OVER YOU,” I’d be going nuts.
BTW, Priscilla is a strong advocate of pet adoption. Her dog Bruce is so cool, he has his own Instagram account @brucetonthedog
Check in every week to see Mitzi’s top musical picks

“Pets in the Family supports the Pets of Country Music”.


“Our family wants to meet your family! Feel free to send us
photos of your entire family, both human and furry, doing
whatever they like to do.”


Fire and other disasters strike with no rhyme or reason, respect no neighborhood borders or demographic profile. But they are lightning-fast, brutal, and permanent.

Like tens of thousands of other families every year, my wife and I survived a fire last year which destroyed our home. In the time it takes a spark to flash, our lives were changed forever.

In an effort to inform our readers about the ever-present threat that can strike anyone, anywhere, is excited to announce a new feature called HINTS AND HEROES. It will provide ideas from leading organizations and experts to help avoid a catastrophe as well as offer advice as to what to do when it strikes.

It will also tell the stories of heroes-both in and out of uniform, whose actions have saved the day and whose planning and precautions helped avoid an emergency entirely.

 Created with pet owners in mind. we think you will find this section an interesting and useful resource whether your household includes pets or not. is a strong supporter of fire and emergency rescue and support organizations. Here in New York, Friends of Firefighters perform important support to our first responders.

Click the link below to see how you can help.

The Klimb from Blue-9 Review

Give your dogs their own space to learn and feel secure with the Klimb from Blue-9. The Klimb was developed by dog trainers as defined place for solving common problems like jumping on guests, begging at the table and barking. As you teach your dog better manners with the help of training videos from Blue 9 they begin to understand that the Klimb is their place to go to work and be rewarded. The Klimb is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere making it great for travel wit…

Pet Adoption Program Expands To Help Seniors Keep Pets Amid The Pandemic

Each year the non-profit Pets for the Elderly helps more than 5,000 seniors pay the cost to adopt a pet. Now they are expanding their program to help cover the expense of keeping one, including food and veterinary care at participating shelters …

SOURCE: November 12th, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 6.30.23 PM


Pets in the Family Welcomes Pets For The Elderly

Their Mission: To provide companionship and health benefits to older adults through pet ownership and animal care assistance, while saving the lives of homeless shelter animals.

Information From The ASPCA

Learn how to keep your pets safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

ASPCA Pet Tips

With help from the ASPCA, The Daily Grudge team offers additional tips to help you keep your pets safe during this global crisis.

The ASPCA Offers Advice On Taking Your New Pet Home!


Share photos and posts of you and your pets showing us how you are staying amused and busy!

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